I signed up for LoseIt Premium (again). Each time I do this I learn how bad my math is and how I cannot judge the weight of things simply by eating them.

Spent a month away from Twitter. One day back and I’m already crabby and screaming at my screen. This is after unfollowing the most problematic people. Twitter is no longer healthy for me.

Founders CBS

I’ve been waiting years for the return of one of my very favorite beers. Founders CBS. Can’t wait to drink this!

I started to read “The Four” but on Page 4 this: “At its core, Apple fills two instinctual needs: to feel closer God and be more attractive to the opposite sex.” C’mon, that’s asinine even if you don’t like Apple.

I had this giant unused notebook so I started writing in it every book, movie, TV show that I finish. It’s useless but kind of fun to have.

What I like about my recently revived photo blog is that I am posting only photos that I like and writing about what I’m interested in. No concern for building an “audience”. Feels good.