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I have misplaced my Vanishing Point but I think I’ll survive. I almost never need the quick access of a retractable fountain pen. I use fountain pens for planned, deliberate writing.

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  1. @hjertnes Well, good taste is seldom 😀 I would not call the VP a beauty, but the functional design.
    BTW: I just saw (and subscribed to) your Ink Smudge blog: Do you know if there are Scandinavian fountain pens? Never thought about this (just enjoy the Viking pencils)

  2. @hjertnes Since last yr I turned into a pencil nerd. Still have a lot of fountain pens in use w/all the beautiful inks! Funny to find out that there are quite a lot of pencil users among my friends. Typewriters are my perfect „distraction free and still readable“ writing tools 🙂

  3. @hjertnes You mean Pelikan=German? I was a pupil in the 70’s and there was the battle in class: are you Pelikan or Geha? Pelikan was mainstream, my Geha was that much smarter. They had the „extra ink reserve“. Unfortunately you don’t get fitting cartridges for old Gehas anymore.

  4. @hjertnes As an old man I like old man aesthetics 🙂 Will not forget when I showed my wife a pic of the M800 Tortoiseshell Brown and her reaction was „YUK!“ – guess I better do not buy that beauty. I find some parallels to pipe (designs) where taste is very personal.

  5. @hjertnes I enjoy my Lamy Scala and Studios. I normally prefer F or EF, these have 1.1 nibs (the easy nib switch is awesome). I heard about some nib / writing problems with the 2000, guess you don’t have any. Looking online at the black 2000 that I really like: the nib is fixed?

  6. @hjertnes I received a Meisterstruck rollerball 20 years ago as a gift and I still use it. It’s broken and kind of a mess but still one of my favorites to hold and write with. Plus as 50+ year old fella, I like how they look!