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After one year my “new” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is still the most disappointing Apple product I’ve ever owned. Touch Bar is useless, USB-C is a mess, and the keyboard sucks balls.

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  1. @jack I like how modular the apple USB-c chargers are, and charging new iPhones with USB c is awesome. And I love using it with my 4k USB C monitor at work. The biggest problem is the accessories and their quality

  2. @hjertnes Sounds fine when you put it that way :). I suppose it’s a diminishing problem, which I wouldn’t mind. I also work on an iMac at home so that adds to the confusion in accessories.

  3. @jack interesting, I’m positive. Really like usb-c, huge improvement over previous cable mess. The keyboard could be more silent but has worked fine for me. Fingerprint id … ahhh, lovely. Touch bar, like it for adjusting volume, screen brightness and similar stuff. Don’t you shortcuts that often.

  4. @jack it’s interesting to hear about different experiences, let’s see, at work I had power, Ethernet, screen, usb and sometimes headphones. Now I have one cable and connect to the same stuff as before.