I’d rather not buy another new MacBook Pro any time soon, but if Apple actually listens and fixes things in an update, I’m getting one. My current 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro remains the Apple product I like least since the “puck” mouse.

This year’s office Christmas tree is topped with the analog portion of our (Fusionary’s) holiday greeting from 2005; the Swoop-to-Nuts game. (Too bad about the Flash requirement but it was, after all, 2005).

“Chew Guard Technology™️” my butt. Squeaky part extracted in 6 minutes. The rest mostly destroyed in less than 20.

I signed up for LoseIt Premium (again). Each time I do this I learn how bad my math is and how I cannot judge the weight of things simply by eating them.

Spent a month away from Twitter. One day back and I’m already crabby and screaming at my screen. This is after unfollowing the most problematic people. Twitter is no longer healthy for me.

Founders CBS

I’ve been waiting years for the return of one of my very favorite beers. Founders CBS. Can’t wait to drink this!