Uninstalled NeoVim until I have my regular Vim configuration nailed down. Switching between them was muddying the waters.

I spent the afternoon wrangling Vim into just the way I like it for writing. Could use maybe a touch more contrast, but it’s darn close.

A problem with apps that depend upon their own convenient “cloud” library is when they won’t launch, like with Ulysses right now.

For those complaining that Adobe is breaking their promise to “offer a standalone version of Lightroom indefinitely”.

The new Lightroom CC is going to be so divisive! I’m already conflicted, but leaning toward thinking Adobe is on the right track (and I almost never think that).

Well this is fun. Who would have thought I’d be able to buy a brand new “Polaroid” in 2017. Makes me a little giddy.

This Caran d’Ache pencil sharpener is overkill and expensive but I love it and don’t regret buying it for a second. It’s a wonderful, simple, and beautiful thing.

My working notebook (aka a sort-of “bullet journal”) is now a large Boorum & Pease record book (21-300-R). If you’re going to carry a notebook, make it count!

Ftrain.com @20 – Paul Ford

Paul Ford:

Our software is bullshit, our literary essays are too long, the good editors all quit or got fired, hardly anyone is experimenting with form in a way that wakes me up, the IDEs haven’t caught up with the 1970s, the R&D budgets are weak, the little zines are badly edited, the tweets are poor, the short stories make no sense, people still care too much about magazines, the Facebook posts are nightmares, LinkedIn has ruined capitalism, and the big tech companies that have arisen are exhausting, lumbering gold-thirsty kraken that swim around with sour looks on their face wondering why we won’t just give them all our gold and save the time.

Paul is my hero.