Posting this from the app on my Mac. This is better. A couple of things…

– I _really_ want to make the window wider
– Would like actual “New Post” and “Refresh” buttons in the UI.

Pretty short list for a 1.0! Great job, @manton.

My yard has a lot of Acorns, but this is really just an excuse to test the Mac app)

Tear down the new institutions – Ethical Tech

Ben Werdmuller:

Facebook is what you get when you don’t have any ethical quandaries about building a platform where engagement is powered by addiction, proprietary algorithms and rules decide what you should and shouldn’t read, and advertising is allowed to target users to a disturbing degree.


The new generation of social platforms have become gatekeepers that dictate exactly what we can learn about, and how. Most importantly, they have decided to make money by letting third parties have influence over what we learn. It has become painfully clear that this is in opposition to democracy itself.

Still coming to terms with trying a more iPad-centric workflow. Posting to via Hugo is a challenge. May need to use instead.

I went to 4 social events this weekend. I’m glad I did, but the introvert in me was screaming “Go home and stay there!” so that’s what I’m doing now.

I’ve been clicking through a bunch of my old link posts on and almost none of the links work. Many of the sites are completely gone. It’s a shame.